Card Counter PRO  6.1.0 (17th May 2003)

 ► CardCounterPRO now supports Pinochle on Yahoo games zone...

 Card Counter PRO  5.9.6 (15th May 2003)

 ► Counting was not working on POGO.COM. This code has been updated and everything is working OK

 ► CardCounterPRO now works with Bridge on POGO.COM

 Card Counter PRO  5.9.2 (05th October 2002)

 ► When you click the Mark Hand Winner tick box the color tracing option is set for you. This allows hearts players to trace who won each card to prevent them "shooting the moon"

 Card Counter PRO  5.9.0 (28th September 2002)

 ► Minor bug fixes

 Card Counter PRO  5.7.0 (14th September 2002)

 ► Out of beta testing

 Card Counter PRO  5.2.0 BETA (17th August 2002)

 ► New feature - Users List

 ► New feature - Picture Version

 ► New feature - Mark Hand Winner (for hearts players)

 ► Rewrote all of the table recognition code  for Yahoo! game zone. Now supports all resolutions and and color depths including 256 colors

 ► Fixed small bug when manually making cards. The Number of cards reaming count was not changing

 ► Changed the order of the Main Menu for ease of use

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