I've lost my Liberation key, do I have to register CardCounterPRO again... ?

 NO! If you have lost you keys simple send an email to us and we will send them to you again

 I formatted my computers hard disk and have lost the CardCounterPRO Software

 Simply send an email to us with your liberation key and the email address you used to register CCP and we will send you a link to download CardCounterPRO again.


 Where can I use CardCounterPRO?

 Card Counter PRO is designed to work with Yahoo, MSN and POGO

 What is MANUAL mode?

 You can use CardCounterPRO with ANY online casino or game room in manual mode.

 To use CardCounterPRO in manual mode do not click on the start button. Simply click on each card as it is played, manually ticking the cards off. Remember, you don't need to do this on Yahoo/MSN/POGO. In these game zones cards will be AUTOMATICALLY ticked off for you.

 How do I Start/Stop the Super Small version of CardCounterPRO?

 The Super Small version has no menus or buttons to help reduce its size. It operates using the Function Keys.

 To send commands to CCP clck on the window and press the following :

 F5 : Switch to/from Super Small version

 F6 : Reset Cards

 F7 : Start/Stop CardCounterPRO

 When CardCounterPRO is running I cannot see the score/last trick

 Untick the option "Forground Game" from the Main menu. When this is ticked CCP attempts to force the game table to the foreground. When you attempt to look at the score the game window is pushed to the front of the screen again.

 When CardCounterPRO is running it drops behind the Game Window and I cannot see the cards

 If you are running at a low resolution and do not have the screen space to have CCP away from the Game window you can force CCP to stay ontop of the game window by selecting the "Stay on top" option from the main menu.

 How can I get the most out of CardCounterPRO when playing Hearts on Yahoo!

 If you are playing Hearts on the Yahoo game zone you have access to special features. From the Main menu select Options. From here select the Highlight Options tab and tick all three boxes. Now CCP will show you which cards you have been dealt along with which you passed off and which you received.

 You should also tick the "Mark Hand Winner" box on the main screen. As long as you are tracing all players with color (Main|Options|Color Trace) you will be able to see which player wins each hand. If a player starts winning most of the Hearts you can take action to prevent them shooting the moon.

 CardCounterPRO is not working on MSN/POGO

 Make sure you have selected the new game zone from the GameZone menu before you click start

 How much is a registration code ... ?

 Registration costs just $5! This gets you the full version which also includes the SUPER SMALL version!

 How long does a registration code last ... ?

 The $5 gives you access to updates for the next 12 months. After this time you will have to donate another $5 if you want the latest version. REMEMBER YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR THE LATEST VERSION. If after 12 months you are happy with the version you have then you just carry on using it.....

 I have paid...When do I get the full version?

 As soon as your payment has been received you will be emailed your validation key and the full version of Card Counter PRO (this may take 48 hrs and we are closed on weekends)

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