Feature List

 Now has Yahoo backdoors BUILT IN!!!

  Supports - MSN Zone Yahoo POGO Games (Yahoo/Hearts + more)

  Picture version makes it easy to see which cards have been played (Check out the screen shots page)

  Stay On-Top option so it can sit ontop of your game

  Displays how many cards are remaining

  Traces who played each card using color

  Automatically resets after each hand

  Automatically counts all cards played

  Has a user list built in, now you can make a note of those players you would rather not partner again!


Strikes though a suit when all cards have been played

Automatically locates the game window

Supports Netscape/Opera/Explorer web browsers

Super small version for low resolution users (640*480)



 - When you get the FULL version you get the SUPER SMALL Version

 - Great for 800*600 and 640*480 users

HEARTS PLAYERS - Check out these special features

 - Highlights which cards you passed and received in Hearts (Yahoo)

 - Shows who won the hand not who played the cards (Catch people shooting the moon)

 - Supports TRAM (The Rest Are Mine) in Hearts (Yahoo)


Here you can see the small version. The cards you were dealt, the cards you passed and the cards you were passed are all highlighted (The numbers are colored)

You can also see which player has won each hand

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